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Start fires. Fan flames.

Jane Irwin


I’m a Transformational Coach. I run my own practice and work with a wide range of clients. In addition to coaching, I am a Director of Sustainable Three Rivers, a CIC operating in my local area. I am also a mum to 3 children. I’m passionate about living, making a positive impact on society, and encouraging an environment that allows others to do the same.

As a Director of Sustainable Three Rivers I have the opportunity to make a positive impact in my local community by promoting local groups and projects linked to sustainability, kickstart new community events, as well as encourage residents, via events and social media, to make lifestyle changes to protect our planet.

As a Coach I use questions, conversation and practical tools to help people;
– make sense of complex situations they are experiencing,
– gain a better understanding of their values and driving forces,
– recognise their skills and build confidence in them
– confront and overcome barriers
– create action plans specific to their requirements and vision.

Prior to coaching I worked as an assistant to C-suite executives in a range of organisations from corporates to SME’s. The time I spent in those roles gave me strong interpersonal awareness skills, agile thinking and an ability to create structure and clarity in complex situations. I take these skills into my coaching practice where my clients can explore their what’s and why’s in an open yet secure environment. With clarity and confidence they can then focus on creating a bespoke action plan relevant to them and their goals. The themes and visions my clients bring and explore are varied. The consistent approach I use with my clients is focus on them, drawing out from them their strengths and the resources available to them to fulfil their vision. To get an insight into what it might be like to work with me you can visit

Eva Bhattacharyya

Founder of Prashna Life coaching

I am an advocate for STEMM women leadership, supporting women as their guide to have transformative conversations that for example convert anxiety to confidence and feelings of being empowered to create solutions leading to positive change.
My role has given me the opportunity to listen to women about the challenges they face to achieve professional recognition which have been documented in my article on LinkedIn. For example I have raised awareness of the lack of maternity funding for women working in academic chemical sciences.
I have also worked with charities to share the value of having a transformative conversation. This has helped to support STEMM women, teachers, undergraduates and senior school students.
My previous work experience includes 25 years’ experience working in chemical manufacturing. I gained skills such as communication, presentation, time management and marketing.
Also, working as a civil servant, I strengthed my listening skills and building rapport with the individual.
I also have a Diploma in Transformational Coaching, Diploma in Marketing, PhD in Chemistry and BSc in Applied Chemistry.

Dr Vicky Pringle

Executive Coach

Hi, I’m Vicky and I’m excited to support you on your accelerator journey over the coming months. I love to create an environment where clients can explore innovative solutions, maximise their potentials, and navigate change with confidence.
Let’s turn your aspirations into achievements together!

Coaching style:

What sets my coaching apart is a combination of a relaxed, down-to-earth style with a non-directive methodology. Whilst I may challenge you, it will be done with good humour. Laughter is a frequent companion in my sessions.


Our focus will be determined by you, month to month. Here are some examples of the kinds of things that you may decide to bring to coaching, however, the choice is yours:

• Developing an effective leadership style
• Building and leading high-performing teams
• Conflict resolution and team dynamics
• Strategic goal setting and planning
• Emotional intelligence in leadership
• Stress management and work-life balance
• Time management and productivity
• Making peace with imposter syndrome

Evidence-based coaching:

I’m currently studying for a MSc in Business Psychology with Coaching in order to support my philosophy of evidence-based practice. The course I’ve chosen covers coaching psychology research, organisational culture, implementing organisational change and the psychology behind leadership.


I’m a GP and my coaching style draws on over 30 years’ experience of empathic listening skills honed within healthcare.

Coaching qualifications:

ICF accredited diploma
EMCC EIA award

Neil Mackinnon

Leadership and Executive Coach

I coach ambitious individuals to fulfil their potential through helping them establish clarity of purpose, supporting personal growth and enabling valued professional contribution and sustained personal fulfilment.

Sarah Watts

Leadership Coach

Sarah is a seasoned and accomplished HR professional with extensive expertise and experience. As a qualified NLP Practitioner, ICF Accredited Certified Coach, and accredited Insights Discovery Practitioner, Sarah is a versatile consultant, with a deep understanding of human behaviour, leadership, and team dynamics.

With over 24 years of collaboration with Senior Leaders and Executives across diverse industries, including the voluntary sector, retail, FMCG, and Leisure & Travel, Sarah has honed a unique skill set covering transformational change, strategic planning, coaching, training facilitation, and employee experience and engagement.

Sarah’s coaching background includes training with Animas Coaching, earning the ICF Accredited Diploma in Transformational Coaching, and becoming an Associate Certified Coach with the ICF. Her coaching approach is dedicated to empowering clients, particularly managers and leaders, to enhance their leadership skills, motivation, and team engagement. She finds joy in the transformative power of coaching, exploring situations deeply with clients, helping them discover what truly matters, and guiding them to a higher level of awareness, granting greater control and choices in their lives.

Coach & Facilitator

I’m Ruth. A coach and facilitator who wants everyone to be able to connect with, and embrace, what makes them glow and what it is about them that lights up the world around them. My journey so far has brought me to understand what feeds, or dims, my own inner pilot light and how I’ve often hidden my light from those around me.

I believe in the difference that coaching can make for leaders who want to respond to these demands in their lives and their businesses and am eager to make my own positive impact and contribution to these important issues as a coach supporting founders to re-imagine the role of business.

In my 25 year career in the Big 4 I was a consultant to multinational companies on workforce taxation and, in my last five years at PwC, I led a £30m programme to transform PwC’s own £1.2bn Tax practice to deliver tax and workforce managed services.

A speaker and facilitator on many technical and professional skills development courses for clients and colleagues, I have developed and directed graduate and leadership courses in the UK and EMEA and designed and led career development programmes for the Chartered Institute of Taxation and the Association of Taxation Technicians.

Personal development, leadership and life-long learning are areas of passion for me so I built on my professional status as a Chartered Tax Adviser by undertaking an Executive MBA at Henley Business School (in which I conducted prize-winning research on leadership development). Most recently, I completed formal training as a coach.